some of my favorite projects

Cabana Vans logo


luxury camper van rentals. proprietary customized Cabana vans complete with a shower, toilet, wifi, and a kitchen

I lead the front end team on this was a fun project and I was deeply and directly in implementing and designing the full system stack.

small scrappy engineering team of 6.

helped grow the startup to ~$30 million in funding and ~50K monthly unique users

we wrote an insane amount of code and busted out features at a blazing pace. we put in big efforts on a daily basis to bring this amazing product to life

Tech Stack

React - Web Apps

Flutter - Mobile Apps

AWS - Web Hosting - S3/Cloudfront

Gitlab - source control and ci/cd

Codemagic - Mobile ci/cd

Hasura/Apollo - PostgreSQL database with GraphQL interface

Firebase/GCP - User Authentication, serverless cloud-based rest API and scheduled cloud functions

Other fun tools

Invers - Vehicle telematics and remote vehicle control

Stripe - Payment processing

Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager - Analytics and user behavior

Google Optimize / VWO - A/B testing

Impact - Affiliate marketing

mobile apps:



Demo video of the 3 core applications built and maintained for Cabana

Komo News logo

Sinclair Broadcast Group - Local News properties

Websites and mobile apps for local stations under the umbrella of Sinclair Broadcast Group

the Sinclair Digital team is responsible for creating and maintaining all the web based technology and applications for the 80+ local news stations owned by SBG

i helped build a brand new hybrid mobile app using React Native and develop and maintain the existing web applications

this was an interesting technological challenge. we built the apps using a white label approach. we had to build a single codebase that could be used by all the different stations. we had to build a system that could be easily configured to work with each station's unique branding and content.

Tech Stack

React - Web app

React Native - Mobile apps

Komo News - Example Station

mobile apps:



Santa Barbara Unfiltered logo

Santa Barbara Unfiltered

Local lifestyle publication. The food, sights, and news of Santa Barbara.

solo project from the ground up

i built this site as a place for me and my wife to record and share our love for Santa Barbara

Tech Stack

Next.js - Web App

Vercel - Hosting/Deployment

Contentful - Headless CMS